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We're back Nov 4-6, bigger and better!


Lindfield Art Show + Fair

1-3 SEPTEMBER 2023

Experience a weekend full of art, food, fun and activities fit for the whole family! 

About Lindfield Art Show + Fair

We are thrilled to present the annual 2022 Lindfield Art Show + Fair on November 4th -6th, 2022. 


Brought to you by Parents & Friends (P&F) Team, the program caters for collectors and the art loving public alike, presenting engaging family fun activities alongside the extensive artworks on show, featuring an extensive range of contemporary and collectible art, including works from award-winning, established and emerging artists.

The Lindfield Art Show is one of the best-known art shows on the North Shore. 


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Featuring extensive range of contemporary and collectable art

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The Lindfield Art Show brings an extensive range of quality art - from traditional to contemporary works by established award winning artists to new and emerging artists.

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Come along for great display of works, and bring the kids down to the fair. 


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T:  (02) 9416 7200 I F: (02) 9416 9342


Copyright 2022 Lindfield Art Show + Fair I  Brought to you by P&F Team, Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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